Understand the Chinese market and audience

Gaining insight into the Chinese market and its audience should be your goal to succeed in China.

Remember that this country has a distinct customer base with its own language, culture, customs and habits which need careful consideration for effective campaigns that will strike home with them.

Getting off on the right foot means you’ll need to research what’s happening locally thoroughly. Discern between different kinds of buyers, from tech-savvy people active on social platforms such as WeChat, Taobao or Weibo to those who aren’t.

The country and its population are massive, and the behavior and dialects can change from one region to the next, to one city to the next.

Shanghai vs. Beijing, for example, is about as different as London is vs. San Francisco. Take note of seasonal trends and special occasions like Chinese New Year and Singles day tours from kuala lumpur.

Knowing when these happen can really give you an edge over competitors so your efforts are at maximum potential during key parts throughout the year.

Finally, cultural awareness must also apply when making up marketing materials. Navigating sensitive subjects like politics, religion, etc., remains a central factor here lest any negative reception could arise.

Keeping an appropriate tone free from contentious topics helps ensure we get our message heard. The Chinese mostly have a very “collective” behavior. That means they often work together, socialize more to help and learn from their broader community.

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